Currently Reading: Call Me Sir by Stormy Glenn

In my previous-deleted-blog, I had already read few m2m romance books, but I mixed my post up with another frontal-sex-story that were illegal in my country. So, then, to keep me safe (haha), I deleted it. And, now, I just want to blog about m2m novels that I read and I will only post my review about them.

At this moment, I am reading “Call Me Sir” Book #1 of this series by Stormy Glenn. I just having 10 pages, but I already bound to the story. Okay, let me finish this one and I’ll post my review immediately.


The night Logan James subbed for the bartender at his club, he had no idea the love of his life would walk through the door, but the moment he saw Joey MacIntire, he wanted him. The only problem? How to initiate someone so young and obviously innocent into Logan’s D/s lifestyle. Logan decides to bide his time and wait for Joey to get to know him better.
Joey MacIntire came to the city to find someone to call his own. Logan James embodies everything Joey could ever want in a man, but while he treats Joey kindly, he doesn’t seem interested in anything more than friendship. Still, Joey has hope . . . and many late night fantasies. But after a year of waiting for Logan to give him more than a passing glance, Joey finally gives up. He decides to stop wasting his time at Logan’s club and try out the new place across town. Dante’s Dungeon is a BDSM club, and Joey is totally unprepared for what he sees there and what he discovers about himself.
When Logan discovers Joey’s intentions, he decides he’s waited long enough. It’s time to claim Joey as his own. Things heat up between the two men and they settle into a life of domestic D/s bliss, but there are outside forces at work-forces intent on destroying Joey and Logan’s new-found happiness.
Special Content Alert: M/M, D/s, Spanking


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