Review: Call Me Sir by Stormy Glenn

What can I help you, Sir?

“Joey, you know what it means if I put this on you, right?”

Joey nodded. “It means I belong to you. That you love me as much as I love you and you’re never letting me go. That’s what it means, Logan.”

Those happened when Logan officialy claimed Joey as his lover. The necklace which was put on Joey’s neck became sign that Joey suppose to obey Logan’s command without any comments. And, Joey is really happy to do that.

Stormy Glenn bring me the hotness since the first scene of this book. The Dominant relationship is the main idea of this book. Logan is an owner of a gay club who admitted that he has “D” lifestyle and he declared himself as Dominant-TOP. Fortunately, Joey is a powerful submissive.

I really love both of Logan and Joey. Tough guy meets cute guy. Master meets his slave. Joey always do what Logan’s want. Their making love session were incredibly hot and during the reading moment, I also undress my clothes and pinched my nipples. Jeez!

 No matter what anyone thought,a submissive couldn’t be a true submissive unless that was what they wanted. It just didn’t work that way. If anyone thought differently, they didn’t know what it meant to be a true submissive.

True! In a relationship, each of lover must know what they want. Though, the type of relationship is dominant submissive, both of them should know what they want because the joy of having relationship is to know that our partner is happy to be with us by getting their want.

Besides of the characters, I also love the plot of this book. However, I am not happy by its father-involved-things in the end of story. I just felt that it appeared in order to create drama outside of sex on this book.

In the very beginning I was imagining that Joey is a muscular-hot-handsome-straight-looks-like kind of guy. But, in the middle, I just felt that sometimes he acts too girly. No big deal, actually. I will always love them very much. I am happy that they can finally build a happy sub-dom relationship.

“Sir,” Joey whispered, his eyes tearing up. “I love you, sir.”

Logan wrapped his arms around Joey and held him close to his chest. “I love you, too, baby. I always will.”

Overall, I give 4 out of 5 stars to this book. Good story, Stormy!

Oh, and I can’t wait to read the next book on this chapter. I hope it will tell me about Danny-Dante relationship.


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