Review: Pulling Away by Amy Lane

Stop pulling away, will ya?

“Come inside, Charlie. I think we need to talk.”

Yes, do the talking, guys. You need it when you realized that you love your closest-friend and wanted him to be THE ONE. Once you late to do that, maybe tomorrow you’ll stay alone and regret all of the chances that you’ve missed of.

I don’t know why I need this very long time just to finish this beautiful story. Nevermind. Once I read it again, I finished it fast. Totally in love with Charlie. Hahaha. Even, I fancy him as my lover because I love to have a muscular lover-bottom like Charlie

Over the years since he’d come out, because of his muscular build, some guys assumed he liked to top. While he liked that position well enough, the truth was, he preferred to bottom.

Amy Lane’s description about Charlie make me horny. Can I have Charlie for real? Though he acts like a douche sometimes, I know that he will realize that Noah is his destiny.And, I am too happy that Amy build those conflicts to unite them. Cliche but I love it that way.

Well, the story itself is simple. Two guys are childhood-neighborhood friends. Both are unlucky loner. And, they have an equal feeling about each other, but too afraid to admit that they need each others arm to hold onto.Thank GOD, Noah is an awesome guy next door who will treat Charlie as good as he can.

“But I’ll always be your friend. Even if you have no one else, you’ll have me.”

About the characters. Charlie is described as the more beautiful than an average Noah. But, how come he doesn’t have any admirer who approaches him? I mean, if you have that awesome appearance and you are desperately need sex, you just need to stop by a bar and then grab one-hot man to have sex with you, right? Why did Charlie not do that? Don’t know why, but I think the conflict will be more dramatic-chaotic if Charlie did flirting things with the others guy.

Anyway, I still fall in love to both of them. 3,5 out 5 stars to Charlie and Noah.


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