Review: Call Me Sir Too by Stormy Glenn

Ahhh, I just loved Dom-Sub relationship.

Okay, my dream comes true. The next installment of Call Me Sir by Stormy Glenn is all about Dante and Daniel “Danny”. Frankly, it has already clear when I finished Call Me Sir #1 that the next episode will be filled by these two lovers. But, I still have a lot of curiosity about what will Stormy do to make the story stay beautiful.

You have no idea how much I wanted Daniel from the moment I met him.

Dante said that to describe how much his love for Danny. He had no idea what Danny passed through when he left Danny without notice. Yes, Dante has some secret obligations to do outside the country and leave Danny without claiming him first as his Submissive. Desperately, Danny agree to make a scene which bring him into a traumatic condition.

You need to decide what’s more important, your relationship with Danny or whatever it is that you go do. You can’t have both.

Logan (and Joey) as Dante’s closest friend remind him to choose what’s the best for him, and also for Danny. The problem is, for me, I don’t have any clue about what Dante’s secret obligation is. Is he a secret agent? FBI or something? Or what? It made me confuse. First, the are no other details about Dante’s side life so I hardly imagine who he is and then I assume that he’s not real. Second, I really hope that Dante’s life detail can make me understand about Dante’s life as Club owner and his ability to defense himself (he got knocked up in the end of the story, ups, SPOILER! sorry). I mean, if he is a secret agent or something, he must have those abilities to fight/defense, right? So, I really need an explanation about Dante’s life.

Still, the story is about Dominant-Submissive kind of relationship. So, I can add my lesson from the Book #1. I learned that on relationship like that, the couple must have an agreement about how to live their relationship, including by stating the safe word.

A safe word is a word someone can use to stop everything, no matter how far into a scene or situation you are. Once that word is spoken, everything stops and there can be no repercussions on the person saying the safe word.

Oh, okay. I totally agree. Though, this kind of relationship is involving violence, they have boundary to keep them in happy relationship. One way to show that boundary is by saying “safe-word”. Cute.

Another thing is that in this type of relationship “claiming” the Sub by the Dom is important. It’s an animal instinct, I guess. Once you claim your Sub, then nobody can’t touch him. As simple as that. But, you have to show it to the others so they can keep the distance from both of you.

Overall, it’s different from Book #1 though both of them deliver the similar theme. Honestly, I like Book #1 better than Book #2. Plus, Book #1 is hotter than Book #2. Hahaha. I still easily got hard when I imagining Joey gets plowed by Logan in front of Dante at Dante’s office! Superb. HOT as HELL.

3 out of 5 stars for this book.

Anyway, I still looking forward to the next installment of this series. I hope Jack McClaren will be the main cast on Book #3, so my dream will come true, hoorraaay. A Gay Cop! Woohoo. It’s much better if the officer is the Sub a.k.a. the Bottom one. MY WISH!


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