Review – Two Plus One by RJ Scott

Threesome is always wonderful

Actually, I never do that, yet. But, in my fantasy, doing a three-way sex is amazing. There are plenty of chances to get no boring session in playing with another two guys, right?

Connor felt that way. Of course, he is only dreaming about making love with his dreamy actors, Darin Ramirez and Rob Kelly. He only hopes that one day, he can meet them. But, he got a BIG surprise, when he decided to deliver his script of a television-movie series by himself to the set of those two actors doing a shoot, and unpredictably, he gets involved with Darin and Rob. Not only in friendship but also in sex-relationship.

Okay, this story is superHOT. Every single scene bring the hotness of 3-way sex. However, because of that, the story itself kind of weak. And, the conflict only happened around Connor’s struggling to make his writing to be filming. The rest is only about intimate-sex!

I give this book 3 out of 5 star. Love the scene when Darin is tied up on the bed by Rob and he asked Connor to join them into sex-play.


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