Review: A Lesson In Truth by Sloan Parker

It’s too sHOrT! Gosh, I needed more pages, pleaseeeeeee…..

It is another free reading from and I just read it only for 10 minutes to finish the 13th pages of it. Geez! It’s lovable story yet beautiful, though, again, I need more pages to describe the relationship between the professor, Michael, and his lover-student, David.

Talking about the scandalous relationship, then. Even, in heterosexual life, teacher-student kind of relationship is still assumed as taboo. It shouldn’t happened no matter what. Though, there is love in the air between the two. People are easily ignore the love-factor.

“We kissed last night. Do you want to pretend that didn’t happen?”

David is shocked when Michael said that he must quit as David’s professor and suggested him to meet another one. David assumed that the earlier kiss between them is the cause of Michael’s decision. But, David is wrong. Michael want to quit in order to fight their love.

Yes, no arguments at all, they are in love. And, Michael has already planned to marry David but David doesn’t know that. So, after they did a real-quick fuck on Michael desk’s office, he keep thinking that Michael did one-night stand with him.

“What do you think happened here?” Michael asked.
David answered, “You were saying goodbye.”

Michael doesn’t want it to end, so he proposed David to marry him. And, David definitely has the same feeling about that. Beautiful.

Overall I give it 3 out of 5 stars.



I think Andrey Vishnyakov is perfect to take a role as David, he has that student-look, rite?


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