Review: First Day of Forever by Mary Calmes

IT IS A BEAUTIFUL! And, smokin’ HOT too.

When I read few first pages, I just remembered that I ever read this story but maybe didn’t finish it yet, because when I dug into the story, I just felt like first time experience. And, reading this book is witty-naughty-beautiful experience. Love it.

Cameron is a dreamy-police-detective who is already came out of the closet since his freshman year of high school, and thank GOD, his family accepted who he is. But, it didn’t happen in equal way for his mate, his fantasy-lover, his best friend, Davis Boone. Davis was kicked out from his home and disowned by his parent after he came out.

It was disastrous. They threw him out of the house on graduation night, all his possessions scattered on the front lawn, trophies, family photo albums, all of it, his whole life in pieces for anyone walking along the street to see.

After that, Cameron try to get closer to Davis, but Davis said no. No, he doesn’t quite ready to get involved. So, their story ends, but they always being a good friend since then. After long time, with an on-off relationship of Cameron, suddenly Davis forced Cameron to come to his place in San Fransisco. Davis’s reason is he wants to celebrate his birthday and needs Cameron to come, because Davis knew that Cameron will always give what he wants.

“You feel so good,” he said, his hands tracing over my stomach. “Your body is so beautiful, always has been but now,” he gasped, “Christ, I could eat you.”

Yes, everything about Davis’s birthday party celebration is only a reason for him to have any chances to confess to Cameron that Davis love him. Not only for sex or short-pleasure but also for long-term relationship. Davis thinks that if he didn’t do it now, he afraid that he will lose Cameron for forever.

“Please, just let me have you. You‟re my home Cam.”

Fortunately, Cameron has the similar feeling about Davis. So, he accepted what Davis has offered to him. But, they have some issues that must be cleared first before they live together such as their job, their family (Cameron’s, because Davis’s seems like haven’t any family). They promise to each other to find the solution for their problems.

I am quite happy that finally they can be together. They must be a cute couple. I just hoping that Mary will continue this cute story. Overall, I give 5 out of 5 stars for this beautiful love-story.

Anyway, I just figure out that Cameron suppose to be HOT like this Marc Fitt:

And, Davis will be perfect-beautiful like this Bryn Ray:


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