Review: Bookended by Heidi Belleau

DAMN, IT’S HOT! Definitely!

As a reader, I love to read a story with the book as its background. And, this short story, Bookended, written by Heidi is obviously involved book atmosphere. Can’t ask for more.

Since the beginning of this story, I lost my breath. It is so damn beautiful yet HOT. And, I found it that this story is very well-written. Usually, I just found a hot story contained a lot of dirty scenes without any pretty words, then this one is different. It’s not only good in words but also great in the hot scenes. And, I do love threesome, hahaha…

During my reading time, I just stroking my ‘lil Johnny, ups, I mean I barely keep breathing normally, cause I can’t resist its hotness. The combination of threesome action, first-time experience, and lil bit sub-dom kind of relationship, this book is a complete package for me. I am happy reading this one.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars. One of my favorite, so far!

My fantasy about the 3-way is just like this:


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Filed under Dominant-Submissive, Romance, Threesome

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