Review: Best Gift Ever by Katey Hawthorne

Well, it is one of gay short story which is provided on It only contains 26 pages so you can finish it less than 15 minutes, I guess.

Read it free by clicking the picture above

The story itself is cute, about two young gay lover who has to decide what’s the best gift suppose to give each other in this Christmas. And also, they have to decide whether they want to go on vacation with their family or stay together at lake house. Yeah, I bet you alredy know what’s the option that will be chosen by them, don’t you?

Frankly, I m not feeling it. This story is hot, but it can be HOTTER! Sex between the two of them is nice but not that fantastic, though there are lil bit sub-dom kind of action here, but, I fail to identify who is the Sub and who is the Dom, so I have difficulty to describe how good their action-on-bed is.

Overall, I gave this story 3 out of 5 star.


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Filed under Dominant-Submissive, Free Reading, Romance

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