Review: Covenation (A Magician’s Coven Book #2) by Mark Alders

Okay, honestly, I still try to learn how to enjoy m2m romance with the paranormal or supra-natural things as its background. Maybe that’s happened because everytime I read a book about paranormal-adventurous-journey, there are always a hero and a heroine, and the will kiss each other at the end of the story. And, yes, for one moment, I think it will be an awkward moment for usual book to have the ending by showing two guys were kissing. Hmmm….

But, I am definitely enjoy this Covenation by Mark Alders, the second installment of Mark’s “Magician’s Coven” series. It’s funny that I didn’t read the first one, but I already finish the second one. And, I can’t believe that I love it.

Shane Upton is a magician. Every magician should have a coven to gain hiss power. And, for this matter, having sex with your coven is the main source of that power. Will and Joel are two young men who become the source for Shane to get the energy to improve his magical power.

Sex isn’t the whole recipe. Sex is just the spoon which stirs the ingredients.

That was one of many advices for Shane from Dr. Obenwiser, a person who guides him into this magician thing. One day, Shane has a sight from his dream. A handsome man came to his dream and asked Shane to help him. That man was tortured by a Dark Magician at somewhere. After a long discussion with his two lovers, Joel and Will, Shane agree to do a ritual of sex in order to have a better sight of his vision which is guided by Dr. Obenwiser. Unexpectedly, they were sent back to Middle Ages where they met Laurence and James.

You have to read it by yourself to know what is the complete story of the adventure of Shane, Joel, and Will. Okay, the paranormal/supra-natural thing is the new one for me for m2m romance so I still learn how to enjoy it. But, the making-out scenes are HOT. I am completely satisfied to read those parts, especially when Joel, from what I can imagine is the most handsome men here, is getting plowed by the hunky Middle Ages Knight, Laurence. That scene is magically beautiful.

Overall, I love this story, though I just felt that the ending is too simple to be the end of their magical journey. Anyway, I give it 3,5 out of 5 star. Cant’ wait to read the next installment of this series, Incantexual. Meanwhile, I start reading the first one.


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