Review: Submission Times Two by Claire Thompson

Submission Times Two is a book where you can find one hot Dom is having two cute Subs who are surrender to give everything they have. A threesome fantasy of D/ lifestyle is the biggest attraction from this book. Since the beginning, I already imagined about three hot males are making love for the entire pages. It does, but not quite enough.

For me, reading m2m romance is expected to meet many-many hot-spicy-scenes on the book. While the tittle itself bring me some erotic fantasy, the whole story isn’t give me what I want. Yes, this book describes every single detail beautifully about the three of them, Andrew, Ethan, and Cameron. How do they met each other, how does their feeling to one and another, and how does their arrangement finally happened. It’s engaging story, actually, but with three HOT males, for God’s sake, I need more HOT scenes.

I am fan of BDSM kinda story. But, everytime I read the part of it here, I didn’t feel anything but little disappointed, though the scene was incredibly fascinating. It caught me emotionally, but not erotically. Too bad, because on my selfishness mood, I need some-hot-juicy story which give me an incredible time for not having any boyfriend yet. Ups!

Okay, overall, the book is well-written, and I am just happy to give it 3 out of 5 star. Just give it a try, pals, happy reading!


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