Review: Magolescene (A Magician’s Coven Book #1) by Mark Alders

After I read the second book of this Magician’s Coven series, I really want to read the first chapter of Shane became a magician who has two beautiful young man as his coven. Hmm, not bad. It’s quite simple-love-in-a-fantasy kind of story.

The book is started by cliche situation where Shane isn’t suppose to be gay. His parents disowned him right after he is caught standing naked at his room with another two naked guys laying on bed. This situation is a common situation all over the world, though, for some countries which already legalized gay-marriage, basically homosexual is unacceptable.

Like his life isn’t miserable enough, Shane must face some strange events. Such as losing his navel, his dick is gone and became a snake, and he has 6 nipples at the end of the day. Oh my! Fortunately, now he has Joel and Will, two beautiful young guys who support him so much. But, the question is, what’s wrong with him? Thank God, he found Dr. Obenweiser so he could know that he is having magolescene.

“Magolescence is the development of a magician’s magical abilities,” said Dr. Obenweiser.

WHATT? He’s magician? Of course, at that moment, Shane is shocked. After that, he has to accept his fate to be a magician. And, with Joel and Will by his side, Shane hopes he can fight over the Dark Magician, Alistair.

He now knew why he wanted both Joel and Will. They were Shane’s Ying and Yang

It’s a fantasy/paranormal book so I have to open my mind widely because the magolescene symptoms are hardly to believe. But, I am happy that there are lot of HOT scenes here. According to this book, magic and sex can not be separated because power of magic is improved by making love. So, let’s imagine, there will be a lot of ML scenes every time the magician needs to gain its power, right?

So, by adding 0,5 star from the Book #2, I give 4 out of 5 star to this book. Yes, there are lot of ridiculous part on this book but there are lot of HOT scenes too, haha… By the way, I love this line:

Love, like magic, is a funny thing. You do what your heart tells you, dear fellow. You don’t want to spend your time living in regret.

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