Review: His Client by Ava March

I guess I just not that into historical romance kinda story. Yes, this book is super-duper awesome [really, it is very well-written book] but my worst English capability make me frustrate and take a fast reading to see the end of this story. Shame on me!

It tells us about young prostitute who works at Madam Delacroix’s brothel named Jasper Reed where he meet his love from his regular client named Nathaniel Travers. Unfortunately, Nate never give him a sign that he also have a feeling for Jasper, because everytime he come to the brothel house, Nate always bring a story about his best-friend, Peter Edmonton, who is already become Nate’s fantasy lover for years. So, when he think that he never have a chance to be with Nate, Jasper decide to loose his job, leave the town, and forget Nate.

It is ultimate romantic. Of course, every m2m story is started by cliche stuff about coming out. In this book, Nate who admires Peter so much must bury his love for years because he never have any bravery to show his feeling to Peter. Until he have to decide whether he wants to say it or not when Peter decide to marry a woman. Nate is frustrated. He thinks he’s gonna crazy. Fortunately, there is always Jasper who help him release any anger from his mind. So, regularly, he asked Jasper to service him everytime he visits Madam Delacroix’s brothel house.

For me, this novel become one of the best m2m romance book that I ever read. I love the story (not only featuring the sex scenes but also daily life story which is real), I love the characters (very strong), I love the ending, though, again, I still have to adapt its ‘past’ time setting. It’s hard to read old English. Haha! Anyway, I’ll call this one as classical beauty!

Oh, this novel also give me an exact portion of sex scenes. Not too much, not too less. Quite enough! I love it. So, overall, I give it 4 out of 5 star to this novel and I will look forward to read any other historical m2m romance.


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