Free Reading: Seduction by Lou Harper

Well, this is me. The lazy one. How could I not know that this story is a free reading from Lou. I just thought that this one is the sequel of his previous work, Last Stop. I am definitely love its cover. Lucky me, I googled it, and found its free ebook on

Giving in so easily made him feel dirty and slutty, and he loved it.

It’s only 15 pages short story. Too short. Quite HOT. But, its fantasy made me smile when the story is being twisted around its half part. Enjoyable read.

I never knew that the story will be like that because its first half part is so believable ‘bartender-seduces-a-stranger’ kind of story. I never thought that both of them are……nope! I won’t spill out up here, because it can ruin your fantasy, if you still don’t read it yet.

By the way, maybe if I have already read Last Stop, I could figure out these two characters right away. But, thank God, I haven’t read it yet so I could enjoy this story very much.

Of course, I want it longer than only 15 pages. Can’t wait to read Last Stop. Thanks Lou!


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