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Review: Pulling Apart by Shawn Lane

It’s so frustrating if someone that you love so much said that he want to make a distance from you.

Charlie said, “I don’t know how to say this, Noah, but I think we need some time apart.”

And Noah only can think, “What is that for?” He felt that he is already gave everything he had for Charlie. Isn’t that enough for him? If it isn’t enough for Charlie, then Noah agree to take some time apart. But, he promises to himself that he never give up on loving Charlie. Charlie is the most beautiful thing in this world.

Pulling Apart is the second installment of Pulling Away series by Shawn Lane. Still, it is all about on-and-off-relationship between Charlie and Noah. In the end of the first book, Pulling Away, they were gathered. So, in the beginning of this book, Noah moved in to Charlie’s house. It seems the best option for both of them until Charlie started to act strange.

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