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Review: Magolescene (A Magician’s Coven Book #1) by Mark Alders

After I read the second book of this Magician’s Coven series, I really want to read the first chapter of Shane became a magician who has two beautiful young man as his coven. Hmm, not bad. It’s quite simple-love-in-a-fantasy kind of story.

The book is started by cliche situation where Shane isn’t suppose to be gay. His parents disowned him right after he is caught standing naked at his room with another two naked guys laying on bed. This situation is a common situation all over the world, though, for some countries which already legalized gay-marriage, basically homosexual is unacceptable.

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Review: Covenation (A Magician’s Coven Book #2) by Mark Alders

Okay, honestly, I still try to learn how to enjoy m2m romance with the paranormal or supra-natural things as its background. Maybe that’s happened because everytime I read a book about paranormal-adventurous-journey, there are always a hero and a heroine, and the will kiss each other at the end of the story. And, yes, for one moment, I think it will be an awkward moment for usual book to have the ending by showing two guys were kissing. Hmmm….

But, I am definitely enjoy this Covenation by Mark Alders, the second installment of Mark’s “Magician’s Coven” series. It’s funny that I didn’t read the first one, but I already finish the second one. And, I can’t believe that I love it.

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