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Review: Two For One by T.A. Chase


When Jack receives a Two for One offer at a local club, he doesn’t realise the two men would change his life.

Jack Samson moves to Sumerset to start over again. He’s looking forward to his new veterinary practice and maybe having some fun once in a while. He certainly isn’t looking to fall for two men.

Simon Wittman and Brady Vanderly have been partners for fifteen years. They love each other, but they like to play. When they pick Jack up at a local gay bar, they think they’re just looking for a night or two of fun. They end up finding so much more.

Such a long time I don’t read and review any books. Well, a lot of jobs in December always make me busy so my reading time is decreasing significantly. Oh, no, I’ll not bore you with my daily schedule. It’s time to relax and enjoy reading.

Two For One is the newest story that I read. And, it’s definitely the HOT one. Since the first page, we already being bombed by steamy scenes. Preparing your towel or tissue in case you can hold your ‘little Johnny’ to explode. The story itself is about Brady and Simon who were a couple for years. They have a wonderful relationship, in love and sex. But, somehow, Brady still need one person again to complete their love-life. And, Jack, who is accidentally having a heartbroken and visiting the gay bar was attracted the both of them instantly.

Simon: “Is there something missing between us?”
Brady: “No. I love you and always will, but there’s room in our hearts for another person. Why not go looking for him and have some fun while we’re at it?”

In the other hand, Jack also attract to them. And, in short time he already gave his heart for them though he still needs few moments to decide whether he wants to move into Brady’s and Simon relationship or not. It is a happy ending one, so you can guess what’s the ending, right? Well, no problem, you still have to read it because there is a lot of good stuff here.

Happy reading, y’all. I gave 3 out of 5 star for this one.


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