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Review: Two For One by T.A. Chase


When Jack receives a Two for One offer at a local club, he doesn’t realise the two men would change his life.

Jack Samson moves to Sumerset to start over again. He’s looking forward to his new veterinary practice and maybe having some fun once in a while. He certainly isn’t looking to fall for two men.

Simon Wittman and Brady Vanderly have been partners for fifteen years. They love each other, but they like to play. When they pick Jack up at a local gay bar, they think they’re just looking for a night or two of fun. They end up finding so much more.

Such a long time I don’t read and review any books. Well, a lot of jobs in December always make me busy so my reading time is decreasing significantly. Oh, no, I’ll not bore you with my daily schedule. It’s time to relax and enjoy reading.

Two For One is the newest story that I read. And, it’s definitely the HOT one. Since the first page, we already being bombed by steamy scenes. Preparing your towel or tissue in case you can hold your ‘little Johnny’ to explode. The story itself is about Brady and Simon who were a couple for years. They have a wonderful relationship, in love and sex. But, somehow, Brady still need one person again to complete their love-life. And, Jack, who is accidentally having a heartbroken and visiting the gay bar was attracted the both of them instantly.

Simon: “Is there something missing between us?”
Brady: “No. I love you and always will, but there’s room in our hearts for another person. Why not go looking for him and have some fun while we’re at it?”

In the other hand, Jack also attract to them. And, in short time he already gave his heart for them though he still needs few moments to decide whether he wants to move into Brady’s and Simon relationship or not. It is a happy ending one, so you can guess what’s the ending, right? Well, no problem, you still have to read it because there is a lot of good stuff here.

Happy reading, y’all. I gave 3 out of 5 star for this one.


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Review: His Client by Ava March

I guess I just not that into historical romance kinda story. Yes, this book is super-duper awesome [really, it is very well-written book] but my worst English capability make me frustrate and take a fast reading to see the end of this story. Shame on me!

It tells us about young prostitute who works at Madam Delacroix’s brothel named Jasper Reed where he meet his love from his regular client named Nathaniel Travers. Unfortunately, Nate never give him a sign that he also have a feeling for Jasper, because everytime he come to the brothel house, Nate always bring a story about his best-friend, Peter Edmonton, who is already become Nate’s fantasy lover for years. So, when he think that he never have a chance to be with Nate, Jasper decide to loose his job, leave the town, and forget Nate.

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Review: Magolescene (A Magician’s Coven Book #1) by Mark Alders

After I read the second book of this Magician’s Coven series, I really want to read the first chapter of Shane became a magician who has two beautiful young man as his coven. Hmm, not bad. It’s quite simple-love-in-a-fantasy kind of story.

The book is started by cliche situation where Shane isn’t suppose to be gay. His parents disowned him right after he is caught standing naked at his room with another two naked guys laying on bed. This situation is a common situation all over the world, though, for some countries which already legalized gay-marriage, basically homosexual is unacceptable.

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Review: Covenation (A Magician’s Coven Book #2) by Mark Alders

Okay, honestly, I still try to learn how to enjoy m2m romance with the paranormal or supra-natural things as its background. Maybe that’s happened because everytime I read a book about paranormal-adventurous-journey, there are always a hero and a heroine, and the will kiss each other at the end of the story. And, yes, for one moment, I think it will be an awkward moment for usual book to have the ending by showing two guys were kissing. Hmmm….

But, I am definitely enjoy this Covenation by Mark Alders, the second installment of Mark’s “Magician’s Coven” series. It’s funny that I didn’t read the first one, but I already finish the second one. And, I can’t believe that I love it.

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Review: A Lesson In Truth by Sloan Parker

It’s too sHOrT! Gosh, I needed more pages, pleaseeeeeee…..

It is another free reading from and I just read it only for 10 minutes to finish the 13th pages of it. Geez! It’s lovable story yet beautiful, though, again, I need more pages to describe the relationship between the professor, Michael, and his lover-student, David.

Talking about the scandalous relationship, then. Even, in heterosexual life, teacher-student kind of relationship is still assumed as taboo. It shouldn’t happened no matter what. Though, there is love in the air between the two. People are easily ignore the love-factor.

“We kissed last night. Do you want to pretend that didn’t happen?”

David is shocked when Michael said that he must quit as David’s professor and suggested him to meet another one. David assumed that the earlier kiss between them is the cause of Michael’s decision. But, David is wrong. Michael want to quit in order to fight their love.

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Review: First Day of Forever by Mary Calmes

IT IS A BEAUTIFUL! And, smokin’ HOT too.

When I read few first pages, I just remembered that I ever read this story but maybe didn’t finish it yet, because when I dug into the story, I just felt like first time experience. And, reading this book is witty-naughty-beautiful experience. Love it.

Cameron is a dreamy-police-detective who is already came out of the closet since his freshman year of high school, and thank GOD, his family accepted who he is. But, it didn’t happen in equal way for his mate, his fantasy-lover, his best friend, Davis Boone. Davis was kicked out from his home and disowned by his parent after he came out.

It was disastrous. They threw him out of the house on graduation night, all his possessions scattered on the front lawn, trophies, family photo albums, all of it, his whole life in pieces for anyone walking along the street to see.

After that, Cameron try to get closer to Davis, but Davis said no. No, he doesn’t quite ready to get involved. So, their story ends, but they always being a good friend since then. Continue reading

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Review: Pulling Apart by Shawn Lane

It’s so frustrating if someone that you love so much said that he want to make a distance from you.

Charlie said, “I don’t know how to say this, Noah, but I think we need some time apart.”

And Noah only can think, “What is that for?” He felt that he is already gave everything he had for Charlie. Isn’t that enough for him? If it isn’t enough for Charlie, then Noah agree to take some time apart. But, he promises to himself that he never give up on loving Charlie. Charlie is the most beautiful thing in this world.

Pulling Apart is the second installment of Pulling Away series by Shawn Lane. Still, it is all about on-and-off-relationship between Charlie and Noah. In the end of the first book, Pulling Away, they were gathered. So, in the beginning of this book, Noah moved in to Charlie’s house. It seems the best option for both of them until Charlie started to act strange.

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