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Review: Blame It On The Hormones by Dick O’Connor

Well, this is an incredibly cute but extremely short. Too short. Okay, this is a free book on, written by Dick O’Connor. I don’t know, whether this short story is self experience of Dick himself or not, but the character on it is named the same.

dick o connor - blame it on the hormonesI said this is cute because it told us about how two freshmen on a high school, Dick and Eric, were united because of Sarah, Dick’s friend who is voluntary help them get along. Everything looked fine. Dick is openly gay, then Eric, somehow still like to be in the closet. Their first date by watching a movie seemed promising, but when Dick is trying to test Eric’s feeling for him by touching his hand, Eric decided to move backward, and he went in a rush whilst the movie end. That’s the sign for Dick that maybe Eric is not The One for him.

Because this story is too short, I still can’t describe whether I like or not, except for its cuteness. I hope I can read lot of possibilities about their relationship.

I gave 2 out of 5 star. Honestly, I love Dick’s writing. I’ll look forward for his another books.


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Free Reading: Seduction by Lou Harper

Well, this is me. The lazy one. How could I not know that this story is a free reading from Lou. I just thought that this one is the sequel of his previous work, Last Stop. I am definitely love its cover. Lucky me, I googled it, and found its free ebook on

Giving in so easily made him feel dirty and slutty, and he loved it.

It’s only 15 pages short story. Too short. Quite HOT. But, its fantasy made me smile when the story is being twisted around its half part. Enjoyable read.

I never knew that the story will be like that because its first half part is so believable ‘bartender-seduces-a-stranger’ kind of story. I never thought that both of them are……nope! I won’t spill out up here, because it can ruin your fantasy, if you still don’t read it yet.

By the way, maybe if I have already read Last Stop, I could figure out these two characters right away. But, thank God, I haven’t read it yet so I could enjoy this story very much.

Of course, I want it longer than only 15 pages. Can’t wait to read Last Stop. Thanks Lou!

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Review: My Brother’s Frat Brother by Xander Harris

Before I knew that there are lot of official book about m2m romance, I used to visit to read m2m story. Even, I had few favorite authors and stories up there. One of my all-time favorite story is “My Brother’s Frat Brothers” written by xanderharris02. The story is split into 6-part. It is a good story, HOT, awesome, and also well-written. I believe that this story is good material to be published.

The story is about Kyle who is secretly boy in the closet. One day, he visits his old brother frat’s house to see him. Though, that’s not his main reason to come. He wants to meet HOT boys who live there. Especially, he need to see Bailey, one of the hottest hunk he ever seen who is caught his heart since the first time he visited the house awhile back ago.

So, before he can meet his brother, Nick a.k.a. Turbo, he is greeted by Wes, another hot hunk who is immediately make him horny. In the first place, he doesn’t know that Wes is gay. But, Wes is a confident boy who has gay radar in action and he asks Kyle to come over to his room and show him what Kyle desires to do. And, Kyle loss his doubt. He knew he’s gay since the first time he checked Turbo’s cock back to his teenage period. Now, he’s completely understand why he fantasies himself to touch a guy, because he’s truly gay. Thanks to Wes who make his eyes open and give him an awesome experience of sucking and fucking.

Oh, yeah, Harris is not only gave us Wes-Kyle HOT session, but he offered us a lot of complicated moment while Bailey (Kyle’s first crush) and Turbo caught them in man-to-man action. Furthermore, Harris also give us brother-does-brother action. I love every part of this story, especially when Bailey gets plowed by Kyle. It is just amazing. Kind of my imagination, also.

I give 5 out of 5 star to this story and happily suggest to any publisher out there to publish this material as a book. Read it here:

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3
  4. Part 4
  5. Part 5
  6. Part 6

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Review: Best Gift Ever by Katey Hawthorne

Well, it is one of gay short story which is provided on It only contains 26 pages so you can finish it less than 15 minutes, I guess.

Read it free by clicking the picture above

The story itself is cute, about two young gay lover who has to decide what’s the best gift suppose to give each other in this Christmas. And also, they have to decide whether they want to go on vacation with their family or stay together at lake house. Yeah, I bet you alredy know what’s the option that will be chosen by them, don’t you?

Frankly, I m not feeling it. This story is hot, but it can be HOTTER! Sex between the two of them is nice but not that fantastic, though there are lil bit sub-dom kind of action here, but, I fail to identify who is the Sub and who is the Dom, so I have difficulty to describe how good their action-on-bed is.

Overall, I gave this story 3 out of 5 star.

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Free Reading: on Goodreads

OMG! I never realized that also provide some free gay novel on it. And, I just found them when I try to ggogle any free gay novel online.

Okay, for you who just want to read novel for free, click here:

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Review: A Lesson In Truth by Sloan Parker

It’s too sHOrT! Gosh, I needed more pages, pleaseeeeeee…..

It is another free reading from and I just read it only for 10 minutes to finish the 13th pages of it. Geez! It’s lovable story yet beautiful, though, again, I need more pages to describe the relationship between the professor, Michael, and his lover-student, David.

Talking about the scandalous relationship, then. Even, in heterosexual life, teacher-student kind of relationship is still assumed as taboo. It shouldn’t happened no matter what. Though, there is love in the air between the two. People are easily ignore the love-factor.

“We kissed last night. Do you want to pretend that didn’t happen?”

David is shocked when Michael said that he must quit as David’s professor and suggested him to meet another one. David assumed that the earlier kiss between them is the cause of Michael’s decision. But, David is wrong. Michael want to quit in order to fight their love.

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Free Reading: First Day of Forever by Mary Calmes

So, if you do not have a plan to buy some books anytime soon, you can just googling and finding free cute novel to read. Like this one. I found it on It is written by one of the famous author, Mary Calmes, First Day of Forever. You can download it for free and legal. Take a look lil snap about this book on goodreads.


Cameron Mancini and Davis Boone grew up together and ever since high school; Cam has known that his best friend was the one. But Davis’ family disowned him when he confessed that he was gay and all that remained of his former life was Cameron. Because of this, Davis never wanted the two men to be anything but friends. He didn’t want to gamble on forever with his pal. Lately though, Davis has come to see the error of his ways and decides that a chance is exactly what he wants to take. But is it too late to hope for a happy ending?

Download the novel here

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